ACS is a top runner of Next Generation Surfactant

World's Only commercial provider of Biosurfactants

From Non-edible Biomass

Technological strength

  • Collaborative research with AIST(the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology), one of the largest public research organization in Japan.

  • The first joint study with AIST was initiated in 2010 and completed in 2012.

What are the benefits of Bio-surfactant?

  • 100% Natural product

  • Eco-Friendly

  • High Productivity and cost effectiveness

  • Technology transfer to India.

  • Price competitiveness

  • Manufactured in India.


Potential Application of Biosurfactant


A large majority of the currently used surfactants are petroleum-based and are produced by chemical means. These compounds are often toxic to the environment and their use may lead to significant environmental problems, particularly in washing applications as these surfactants inevitably end up in the environment after use. The eco-toxicity, bio-accumulation and biodegradability of surfactants are therefore issues of increasing concern. Biosurfactants are an alternative, as they combine good functional properties with low environmental impact and excellent skin compatibility. Moreover, biosurfactants can be produced by fermentation from renewable resources, typically from sugars and vegetable oils. Biosurfactants produced by microorganisms have potential applications in pharmaceutical/medicine, food, cosmetic, pesticide, oil, and biodegradation industries.

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