ACS-Sophor🄬 /Sophorolipids have various applications.

Basic Information of ACS-Sophor🄬/Sophorolipids

  • Product : Bio surfactant/Sophorolipids

  • Product name : ACS-SophorⓇ (Registration Number of the Trademark : 5603052)

  • INCI Name : Candida Bombicola/Madhuca Longifolia Seed Oil Ferment Extract

  • Trade Name : Sophorolipids made from fermentation of Madhuca oil

  • The Environmental Protection Agency in The US (EPA TSCA) : CAS Registry No : 1573124-58-9

Natural Fermentation 

The strain, Candida bombicola first utilizes Mahua Oil, then through biosynthesize produces Sophorolipids. ACS-Sophor is 100% Natural Product having Ether Linkage of Fatty Acid and Sophorose (Disaccharide of two glucoses by Beta 1・2 bond) in its Chemical structure.


High Surface Tension Activity & Less Foam

The Critical Micelle Concentration(CMC)of Sophorolipids is 10~40mg/L, and γ-CMC is 30~40mN/m, has a  very high efficiency as a surfactant. This performance is 50 to 200 times better than Lauric Acid Sodium Salt (SL) and 5 to 20 times better than Sodium Dodecyl Sulfate(SDS), being considered due to its bulky structure.

Therefore, Sophorolipids generate less foam, contributing to easy rinsing and lower skin stimulus.


It is 100% natural bio surfactant!!




  • Anti Acne Bacteria

  • Anti Pseudomonas aeruginosa

  • Antimicrobial Property

  • Antioxidative Property

  • Excellent Biodegradability

  • Excellent surface activity

  • Excellent detergency

  • Reduced surfactant requirement 

  • Cost competitiveness to current products

  • Reduced Water contamination

  • Reduced Soil contamination

Chemical Formula of SLs

Antimicrobial Activity


Sophorolipids(SLs), known for their antimicrobial activities, furthermore work as supporting agents of antibiotics.

For example, the efficiency of Cefaclore, a well-known antibiotic used to fight E Coli, will be enhanced with the combination of SLs, instead of the application of Cefaclor only.

SLs enhance the efficiency of nutrient absorption and improve FCR

(Feed Conversion Rate). This will make and maintain your livestock healthier, hence Mortality Rate of your livestock will be reduced.

​Personal care


ECO-FRIENDLY Shampoo and Conditioner

Contains natural cleaning ingredients and 100% returned to nature

Bio surfactant : Sophorolipids and *Soap nut blended

Recommended by Arte Salon Holdings

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Our ruling passion

  • 100% returned to nature

  • Strategies to improve safety and security

  • *OSLI free

  • Sulfuric acid based free

  • Paraben free

  • Petroleum based surfactant free

  • Mineral oil free

  • Silicones free

  • Animal delivered ingredients free

*OSLI Free

The meaning of this is Old Specified Labeled Ingredients(Japanese Standards), 102 kinds of ingredients which may cause or capable of causing rejection of the skin.

Agriculture related applications


ACS-Sophor's main chemical composition of Sophorolipids is Lactone, which is Nonionic bio-surfactant. It has a very low Critical Micelle Concentration and very bulky structure. Hence, physically can not do harm the plants.

Sophorolipids have features of high biodegradability and non-environmental accumulation activity.

Sophorolipids produced by yeast are ones of Alkyl Polyglucoside and the purpose of those are considered to emulsify fatty acids for accelerating membrane permeability, thus Our surfactant has a most fitting composition for this permeability. So, ACS-Sophor® has strong possibilities to do the same function for crops and plants as wetting agents.

Enhanced oil Recovery (EOR)


Surfactants are widely used for various purposes in industry but for many years were mainly chemically synthesized. It has only been in the past few decades that biological surface-active compounds (biosurfactants) have been described. Biosurfactants are gaining prominence and have already taken over for a number of important industrial uses, due to their advantages of biodegradability, production on renewable resources and functionality under extreme conditions; particularly those pertaining during tertiary crude-oil recovery. Conflicting reports exist concerning their efficacy and the economics of both their production and application. At present, their uses are mainly in the oil and petroleum industries, where they are employed primarily for their emulsification capacity in both tertiary recovery and polluted-sites remediation. However, caution is frequently exercised with respect to their use because of possible subsequent microbial contamination of either underground oil reservoirs or products. The limited successes and applications for biosurfactants' production, recovery, use in oil pollution control, oil storage tank clean-up and enhanced oil-recovery are reviewed from the technological point of view. ( Except from

ACS-Sophor🄬 /Sophorolipids has various purposes.


  • Enhanced oil Recovery (EOR)

  • Livestock related applications

  • Agriculture related applications

  • Biofilm removing agent and formation inhibitor

  • Removal of Red Tide Organism and algae

  • Detergent

  • Cosmetics

  • Others

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