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2008 : Allied Carbon Solutions Co.,Ltd was incorporated 

2009 : Allied Carbon Solutions USA LLC was incorporated

2009/08, opened a test plantation in Cambodia for a feasibility study using non edible biomass for sustainable renewable energy use.  

2010 : ACS Alternative Fuels Private Limited was incorporated

2010 : ACS enters a contract for R&D of Bio Surfactant (Sophorolipids : ACS-Sophor) with AIST(Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, Japan).

2011/04, ACS opens a proprietary oil mill( Only for non edible oils) in south part of India. 

2011 : ACS launched a joint R&D with Indian Pharmaceutical company for manufacturing ACS-Sophor

2012 : Commenced the commercial sales of ACS-Sophor for Japanese detergent Market.


2013 : Conclued a Contract with Indian pharmaceutical company for manufacturing ACS-Sophor.

2013 : ACS-Sophor succeeded in producing a large-scale industrial operation in India

2013 : Completed registration of INCI  (Candida Bombicola/Madhuca Longifolia Seed Oil Ferment Extract)

        Completed registration of CAS No. Registry Number : 1573124-58-9

        CA Index Name : Glycolipids ,, sophorose-contg ,, Candida bombicola-fermented, from          D- glucose and mahua Madhuca longifolia fats and glyceridic oils

2015 : Completed registration of US EPA(US Environmental Protection Agency) TSCA 

2015 : First shipment (@ feed additive use) from India to the UK.

2015/10, ACS meeting with ChemEOR (http://www.chemeor.com/) team regarding EOR.

2015 : Allied Carbon Solutions Pte. Ltd was incorporated

2016 : Enterd Joint R&D with Tsukuba University

2017 : Enterd Joint R&D with Manchester University

2017/08 : The second time shipment ( for feed additive use) from India to the UK

2017 : Cosmetic ingredient trade show at Yokohama bay city in Japan.

(CITE JAPAN 2017) ACS distributor Iwaki corporation was exhibited.      https://www.iwaki-kk.co.jp/

2017/10 : +91 Natural shampoo & conditioner (ACS-Sophor and *Soap nut blend)

Arte Salon Holdings.    http://ash-hair.com/special/baroda/

2017/12 : ACS appoints Actera Ingrediednts as it's USA distributor. ACS-Sophor for cleaning agent use from India to USA.

Actera Ingredients  http://www.acteraingredients.com/ 

 2018/5 : May 15th, NY Society of Cosmetic Chemist Supplier’s Day

The recent exhibition at the Javits Convention Center NYC. Attending the event were Dr. Daniel Winn, President of Actera Ingredients, Dr. Lorraine Lampe , Director of Formulation Sciences of Actera Ingredients and James Severance CEO of Allied Carbon Solutions USA LLC.


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