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2006 : Allied Carbon Solutions Co.,Ltd was incorporated 

2009/08, opened a test plantation in Cambodia for a feasibility study using non edible biomass for sustainable renewable energy use.  

2010 : ACS enters a contract for R&D of Bio Surfactant (Sophorolipids : ACS-Sophor) with AIST(Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, Japan).

2011/04, ACS opens a proprietary oil mill( Only for non edible oils) in south part of India. 

2011 : ACS launched a joint R&D with Indian Pharmaceutical company for manufacturing ACS-Sophor

2012 : Commenced the commercial sales of ACS-Sophor for Japanese detergent Market.


2013 : Conclued a Contract with Indian pharmaceutical company for manufacturing ACS-Sophor.

2013 : ACS-Sophor succeeded in producing a large-scale industrial operation in India

2013 : Completed registration of INCI  (Candida Bombicola/Madhuca Longifolia Seed Oil Ferment Extract)

        Completed registration of CAS No. Registry Number : 1573124-58-9

        CA Index Name : Glycolipids ,, sophorose-contg ,, Candida bombicola-fermented, from          D- glucose and mahua Madhuca longifolia fats and glyceridic oils

2015 : Completed registration of US EPA(US Environmental Protection Agency) TSCA 

2015 : First shipment (@ feed additive use) from India to the UK.

2015/10, ACS meeting with ChemEOR (http://www.chemeor.com/) team regarding EOR.

2016 : Enterd Joint R&D with Tsukuba University

2017 : Enterd Joint R&D with Manchester University

2017/08 : The second time shipment ( for feed additive use) from India to the UK

2017 : Cosmetic ingredient trade show at Yokohama bay city in Japan.

(CITE JAPAN 2017) ACS distributor Iwaki corporation was exhibited.      https://www.iwaki-kk.co.jp/


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20170908 PW UK(2)
20170908 PW UK(2)

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2017/10 : +91 Natural shampoo & conditioner (ACS-Sophor and *Soap nut blend)

Arte Salon Holdings.    http://ash-hair.com/special/baroda/

Year 2020 : BASF developed a novel sophorolipid-based ingredient, produced via fermentation technology, and launched it in the Asian market under the brand name BioToLife™


2021/02 : BASF establishes a strategic alliance, including an equity stake, with Allied Carbon Solutions Co.,Ltd (ACS) Japan, a commercial provider of surfactants from biomass.


​Allied Carbon Solutions Co., Ltd.

 Established to “provide eco-friendly materials for

 High Quality Of Life with advanced chemical engineering.